Blumentals Easy GIF Animator 7.3.6 Crack + License Key Download

Blumentals Easy GIF Animator 7.3 Crack & Licence Key Latest Full Version Download

Easy GIF Animator License Key + Crack

Blumentals Easy GIF Animator with Serial Key enables the user in creating animated GIFs. Blumentals Easy GIF Animator has introduced many features and options that allow the users to control all the aspects of a GIF file that includes the color pattern as well as the length of the file. It enables the users to use the effects to enhance the attractive capability of the GIF-like the preview in a browser, convert GIF-animation as an AVI, or adding text to an image. The output file size can also be adjusted and other optimizations are also introduced that allow the user to alter the file in any way according to need.

Special features are proposed that allow the user to add more visual effects to the file and prepare an attractive animated GIF file that can be published on the user’s web page, blog, or any other forum. All types of GIF animations are supported and high compression and quality of animated files are also introduced. Other than these features, an Easy GIF Animator Lightweight pro can also be added, not only for usage purposes but also to help free some disk space with occupying less space while having the same powerful tools.

Easy GIF Animator Crack is a simple application to optimize the process of creating GIFs for use on your website, whether for business or pleasure. This easy-to-use software makes these animations a viable option, even for relatively inexperienced users, and everyone will appreciate its intuitive interface.

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Easy GIF Animator Crack

Easy Gif Animator Crack

Blumentals Easy GIF Animator 7 License Key Features:

  • Easily create animated banners, pictures, and buttons
  • Creation of animated images from scratch
  • Edit and modify animated GIF images
  • Add visual effects to GIF animation
  • Create moving text effects
  • Optimize GIF animations to reduce the size and fast download
  • Preview the animation in a web browser
  • Resize whole animations at once
  • Manage animation frames
  • Set the number of repetitions and duration of the frame
  • Extract separate animation frames
  • Easy to install transparency
  • Add sound to animation
  • Save animation in SWF format
  • Export animation in AVI format
  • Use GIF, JPG, PNG, and BMP images in your animation
  • Generate HTML code for publishing on the Internet

Detailed Features Of Blumentals Easy GIF Animator Full crack

Image editor

  • Tools for lines and shapes
  • Brush and spray tools
  • Fill and gradient tools
  • Color picker
  • Color changing tool
  • Eraser / transparency tool
  • Text tool
  • Zoom tool
  • Cut, copy, paste selection
  • Work with transparency
  • Image adjustments
  • grayscale, flip, flip, adjust colors


  • Built-in animation player
  • Web browser view

Frame Management

  • Add and remove frames
  • Manage multiple frames at the same time
  • Adjust frame duration
  • Move, rearrange and duplicate frames
  • Extract single frames
  • Built-in image editor
  • Integration with any external editor

Animation Assistants

  • Banner Assistant
  • Button Wizard

The tools

  • Resize GIF animation
  • Crop GIF Animation
  • Animation or reverse part
  • Automatic image optimization GIF
  • Integrated Internet Image Search
  • find images to use in your animation
  • Create HTML
  • facilitates the publication of animations on the web
  • Optimize image size

Blumentals Easy GIF Animator Instant effects

  • Create text effects on the go
  • fully customizable slide, fade, bounce, scale, drop, blend and rotate effects
  • Add transition and visual effects.
  • fully customizable slide, rotation, zoom, aperture, fade, rotation, brightness, and clock effects

Blumentals Easy GIF Animator Supported formats

  • Download GIF, PNG, JPEG, BMP, and ICO files
  • Convert video to animated GIF
  • Save as animated GIF
  • Save as SWF
  • with background sound
  • Save as video
  • Unicode text support

PROS Of Blumentals Easy GIF Animator 7.3 Serial key

Creation options: Using Easy GIF Animator, you can create animations by combining a sequence of existing still images or you can start on a blank page and draw your own drawings. You can also import videos for use in your GIFs and adding sound is supported, even in certain formats.

Reference resources: While many people can start working immediately with this software and start creating, others will need help. Fortunately, many resources are available, including guidance and a detailed quick start guide.

CONS Of Blumentals Easy GIF Animator Activation Code 2021

Easy to grow: this app is a great option for beginners, and even users with extensive experience, but who do not need any additional resources, will be satisfied. But if you want something more than just random use, you may find that your needs quickly outweigh the options available in this application.

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